About us

The company was created when founder, Laura Batts, was offered a booth at the largest equine expo around, Equine Affaire.  She was there lecturing on how to be more eco-friendly around the farm. Her challenge then became what kind of products to offer in the booth.   

She went for a long run, then meditated on this.  She was lead to the words Horse Hippie.  When she Googled it she discovered that The Urban Dictionary defines a Horse Hippie as "a girl who is naturally very beautiful. However, rather than take care of their appearance, they would much rather spend all of their time being around horses, riding horses, cleaning their stalls and grooming them....."  Perfecto!! 

Laura loved this description but wanted to offer an expanded version.  She feels that Horse Hippies embrace a “back to Nature” lifestyle and use riding, hiking and practices such as yoga, and meditation to find balance in the crazy, chaotic world we live in.

Horse Hippies cherish Mother Earth and thank God every day for what the earth provides us.  We also want to use products that won't harm her.

After searching her closet, jewelry box, cabinets and tack box for ideas, Horse Hippie was born. Laura sources artists and companies that reflect her desire to offer products that are:

1) Environmentally friendly

2) Hand crafted and ethically sourced

3) Provide women in developing countries a way to earn a living and support their families

4) Comfortable, colorful and creative

 She bounces product ideas off her 3 daughters, her daughter-in-law and her 3 sisters.  Horse Hippie is an expression of a Horsey, Happy, Hippie lifestyle and we hope you will join our Horse Hippie club.

 Peace Love & Horses