Why NOT yoga?

I've been having the best time meeting equestrians that are new to yoga. When I do a clinic or expo I am always amazed at how many riders feel they could NEVER do yoga. I started to ask WHY? I discovered most people shared 5 core problems with adopting a traditional approach to yoga:

Problem 1 – Finding a yoga studio can be intimidating.


Sitting down to research yoga studios, especially when you are new to yoga or new to an area, is an incredibly frustrating process. You have to compare prices, locations, scheduling, instructors, personality, culture, availability, etc. Some areas have very few options at all, while others have over a dozen studios in their city.

Problem 2 – Yoga can be expensive.


Regularly attending in-person yoga sessions can also get pretty pricey. There’s a great amount of value if you find the right studio, but you are expecting to shell out at least $10-$20 (or more in major cities) for each session you attend. Locking yourself into a lengthy contract will still cost you often over $100 a month in many cases. Even other online options regularly charge $10-$50 per month for membership. That’s hundreds of dollars a year just to get started!

Problem 3 – Yoga can require a huge time investment.

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The typical in-person yoga sessions, even for beginners, can last between 60 and 90 minutes at most studios. Once you factor in packing clothes, commuting through traffic, parking, commuting back home, and showering – whew, you’ve just invested several hours of time. Most of us know we need to prioritize our health and fitness, but need a commitment less than 3 hours to get started!

Problem 4 – Yoga doesn’t allow much flexibility (pun intended).


I'm talking about flexibility of schedule here. All studios have to maintain a schedule, which means you are at the mercy of however they program in their time slots and classes. Just starting out and want to go on your lunch break on Wednesdays? You’ve gotta search for a studio that has beginner’s classes at the exact time you need. More experienced and looking to push yourself? Same issue, gotta find the right schedule that offers an advanced class at the time you want. Ever tried to coordinate yoga sessions while traveling? Forget about it.

Problem 5 – What if the poses are too hard (or too easy)?


Time and time again, I heard that new people who try yoga are most confused about how to scale poses to make them easier. They’re afraid either they won’t be able to keep up – or on the flip side – the routine will be too easy for them and a waste of time. A great yoga instructor will be able to help you adjust some of the moves for your body, but with dozens of students in each class, you can’t always expect personal attention. One of the biggest killers of momentum is coming up on a series of poses you can’t do, not having any idea how to adjust, and then falling behind. Once I had a better understanding of the WHYS that equestrians are resistant to trying yoga I was better able to help them understand why HORSE RIDER YOGA can overcome all of these problems. When I created HORSE RIDER YOGA I wanted a yoga series that…

  • Made each session approachable and fun, instead of a intimidating and awkward.
  • You can do anywhere – in your own home, at your barn, at a park, on top of a mountain, or in your underground secret lair.
  • Allowed you stream or download each workout to or from any device – just click play and go.
HRY 22
  • Worked around YOUR schedule – accessible any time, day or night, 365 days a year.
  • Required as little as 25 minutes per session, with even the most advanced sessions being under 45 minutes of total commitment.
  • Took the guess work out of how to figure out a pose and showed exactly how to apply each pose to your riding.
HRY 18
  • Featured classes that keep pushing you as you get better. Start the pose in a seated position, then advance to standing, then even try it on your horse! This system allows any experience level to get started right away.

  • Allowed you to tap into the encouragement and accountability of a powerful, worldwide community of like-minded people, without stepping foot in a studio.
  • Is completely available for an affordable, one-time payment. No contracts, no monthly payments, no per session fees.
I'm so convinced that Horse Rider Yoga is a great fit for your life I'm willing to give you the first class...FREE! Yes, free. Try one class for FREE to see for yourself. If you would like to learn more you can add more individual classes and the flow programs, or purchase all 8 classes and get the bonus flow programs for free! Click here for more info on the entire program.

Peace, yoga and horses,


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