The Healing Power of Crystals

There is great doubt among the general public that crystals radiate healing powers. Some roll their eyes and deem it “hippie dippie crap,” (which of course makes me smile), or some joke about a mere placebo effect. Misunderstanding is usually due to a lack of understanding about the spiritual, unseen and immeasurable influence in crystal healing. I am studying the use of crystals because I want to add jewelry to the shop that offers the benefits of crystals as well as the beauty of the piece. This is what I have found so far...... So . . . How Does Crystal Healing Work? Due to its frequency, the structure of a crystal is said to have a strong vibratory connection with the human body. When the physical body is imbalanced, the cellular vibration of the body is restricted. Yet through a crystal’s “resonance effect,” the crystal’s vibration aligns with the body so these restrictions can be unblocked. “Resonance” refers to the ability of the crystal to drive the force of another energy and match those frequencies. We learn a lot about resonance in Physics. This is the phenomenon you see when an earthquake or dangerously strong winds make a road or bridge move – oscillating at the same frequency or close to the same frequency as the energy moving it. The spiritual aspect of the crystal healing comes into play with the intent of the person using the crystals. The intention behind the use of these crystals is huge, and REAL. Your intention affects your thoughts, which in turn affects your actions and experiences. The practice of crystal healing mimics this same concept. Just holding a crystal in your hand is not as powerful as holding the crystal in your hand and actively infusing intention and positive thought into that energy force. With the right intention, you’d be very surprised how helpful a crystal can be. So now that you know a bit more.... Here are 5 crystals that you might want to explore further and use:

1) Rose Quartz:

Healing properties:

Rose quartz is symbolic of love. This crystal is highly renowned due to its connection to such a strong emotion – love. Rose quartz represents unconditional love of all things.

How to use it: As we all know, love conquers all, and love is all we need. I personally recommend this crystal for times that you feel down in the dumps, angry or afraid of something.

Let the healing power of this crystal resonate with you, use a love mantra (like "I breathe in love and exhale negativity" ) and hold it to your heart chakra, close your eyes and breathe in the feeling of unconditional love.

2) Turquoise:


Healing properties: Turquoise was used in abundance by the Native Americans and they would adorn their war horses with it to protect them. It is a shamen stone that is meant to enable the wearer to be closer to the spirit realms and more connected to their soul. It is a stone of protection and healing. You can also use it for detoxification in the body. How to use it: Know that you are going to have a stressful day at work? Feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by something or someone? Wear turquoise on your body, or slip it into your pocket and meditate on what it stands for. Your intention combined with the calming, soothing power of this crystal will help you through whatever you’re dealing with. This is also a great one to put under your pillow if you’re having nightmares or issues sleeping. Paired with your intention, turquoise will help you feel strong and grounded. The Horse Hippie Shop has these wonderful wrap bracelets in turquoise. Click here to learn more.

3) Clear Quartz: Healing properties: Clear quartz represents purity and clarity. This is a great one to pair with another crystal to enhance its healing properties. This crystal can be used when you are working through an issue and need more clarity, or if you are confused and feeling unsure.

How to use it: Clear quartz is also known for its cleansing properties. You can use this crystal in your home to clear out negative energy. Walk into each room repeating a mantra of your choosing (I bless this home, or Let this home be cleared of negative energy, etc). You can use clear quartz after a fight or a bad break up. Sleep with it under your pillow and go to sleep meditating on the mantra I will wake renewed and pure of negative energy. Here is an amazing Hammered Metal Horse Shoe with clear quartz found in our Horse Hippie Shop. To read more about it click here

4) Aventurine: Healing properties: This is the crystal of luck, prosperity and good fortune. Aventurine is the crystal you should carry with you to a job interview, to a meeting you’re nervous about, or any time you need a boost of confidence. Great for starting new ventures or even just keeping at your work desk.

How to use it: For the days you’re doubting yourself or your own abilities, keep this crystal on hand. Set an intention to acknowledge your successes and accomplishments while using this crystal. Wear aventurine around your neck, hold it in your hand, or keep it in your pocket or purse. You will be surprised at how this crystal will open your eyes to the successes and treasures that already exist in your life.

5) Amazonite: Healing properties: Amazonite has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and chakra balancing. Amazonite crystal therapies are primarily associated with filtering out stresses, healing traumas, and soothing energies in the home and workplace.

How to use it: If you start feeling weak or stressed in a situation, hold the Amazonite and use the mantra I am strong, and let the intention of strength and the healing power of the crystal do the rest. The jewelry using Amazonite on the Horse Hippie shop includes: (click on any picture for more info)

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Crystals act as storage batteries for information and energy and can therefore become saturated. It is advisable to cleanse and recharge them on a regular basis, especially when they are first acquired. There are a variety of ways to do this. The most common is placing them in the sunlight for a number of hours or setting them in a bowl of sea salt overnight. The popularity of crystals is no coincidence. The existence of controversy tells us that something is happening – a discussion is being had, and further thought is going into the use and practice of these healing properties. Challenge yourself and your belief systems, give these healing crystals a try, set the right intention, and remain open. You just might find that you have the power within you to transform your thoughts, your feelings and your outcomes, and the crystals act as an aid in this process. Even having some in your pockets as you groom, ride or are just around your horses will benefit them and of course you. Just think about how much your horse will appreciate a more balanced, focused, calm, and connected rider ! Now that I've started using crystals for me I will begin to explore using them on my animals....stay tuned!!

Peace and good rides, Laura 

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