The Benefits of Smudging

After two years of unsuccessfully trying to sell our house, I decided it might not be just the market. There had to be something else interfering with the process. I thought that maybe there was some bad juju in the house. I had recently purchased a smudge stick in a Native American shop in Asheville, NC so I decided to give it a try. The owner of the shop had told me to make sure I smudged myself first. Before I did the house. I had never heard that before! So I did what he said. I lit the stick and fanned the smoke up and down my body. Asking the spirit guides to remove any bad energy that might be in my way. Then I did the house, carefully getting in each corner, nook and cranny. It was a Wednesday and we had an open house scheduled for that Sunday. Let me remind you, we had been trying to sell for close to two years, I was desperate. We had already purchased a new house too! On Sunday we had the open house. We had 2 offers by Monday. Two really good offers. Maybe it was coincidence, but whatever, I’m now a huge believer in the power of the smudge! Here’s a link to a really good article if you want to learn more....

Peace and good riding,


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