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Three years ago I was a presenter at the Horse Expo in Pomona, California. I had a Horse Hippie booth and gave presentations on Eco-Friendly Horse Care, DIY Ideas for the Horse Owner, and Alternative Methods for Equine Ulcers. I met many interesting horse people at this expo (it WAS California after all) but I really connected with one in particular. Shelly Black is a native Californian where she lives with her rescued fur family of: 3 horses, 1 donkey, 4 dogs, 4 cats, and 2 cockatiels. She has been in the equine industry and holistic health industry nearly all her life.

Shelly hung out at my booth all weekend. Picking my brain about natural horse care. We talked about what kind of harmful substances horses were being treated with for showing, racing, and breeding. We were both horrified by how common the use of Regumate and Medroxy was. We agreed it was time that horses had a safe alternative for balancing their reproductive cycles. Fast forward three years, and BOY! has Shelly been busy! I think her product is soooo needed AND effective that, after helping her with product testing, I asked her for an interview for my blog.

  • So, you have created an innovative new equine calming cream called Serene By Nature – what exactly is it?

Serene by Nature nutraceutical cream is the FIRST-EVER BIO-IDENTICAL endocrine-balancing support for equines. This unique metabolic formula was created to intrinsically support equines during their regular seasonal cycles, which may benefit their attitude, performance, focus, and trainability as well as allowing for successful breeding.

  • So why would my horse need Serene by Nature cream?
In today’s equine world, there are many man-made pollutants and stresses that can cause imbalances in the natural reproductive cycles and endocrine systems. Such imbalances can cause a ton of negative symptoms in behavior and overall health. Horses who suffer from anxiety, bad attitudes, spookiness, and lack of focus may benefit from Serene By Nature cream.
  • Was there a clinical trial for Serene by Nature?
Yes, in 2016 seven mares participated in the study, and six of those horses were under the guidance of Dr. Joyce Harman. Saliva testing kits for hormones were provided by Dr. Jean Dodds, testing each mare a total of 4 times over the course of the study. The study ran for 3 estrous cycles, and the Serene by Nature cream was applied once daily for 15 days out of each 21 day estrous cycle. The saliva samples were taken before the start of the Serene by Nature cream application and after the completion of each 15 day cycle. Daily logs were kept for each horse. The results were favorable. The saliva tests confirmed the balancing of hormones and the daily logs showed each mare not only responding in a positive manner, but improving with each subsequent cycle of Serene by Nature cream usage.
  • Why not just put my horse on Regumate or Medroxy?
Regumate and Medroxy are synthetic drugs that require a prescription and are not bio-identical, in other words: not naturally existing in horses. The long-term side effects for horses given these drugs are unknown. It is important to note that there ARE known dangerous side effects to humans who come in contact with Regumate, including possible miscarriage for pregnant women.
  • If my issue is just to calm my horse, how is Serene by Nature cream different from herbal feed supplements for calming?
Herbal feed supplements may be beneficial in calming horses and aiding moody mares, but they usually contain herbs that will not pass compliance tests with USEF or FEI. Serene by Nature does not contain any herbs, and is the safe and sensible choice for competing horses.
  • Why a topical cream for a horse?
Natural progesterone is not meant to go through the digestive tract and, in fact, would lose 90% efficacy before even being utilized by the body. Topical application provides a delivery system where the body can have complete absorption at the cellular level within minutes.
  • How safe is Serene by Nature cream?
The active ingredient is Mexican Wild Yams and has been used by women as a topical cream for over 30 years. No known negative side effects or drug interactions have been reported. The bio-identical molecular structure of the steroid hormones is the same in humans as it is in animals and plants and Serene by Nature cream.
  • Is Serene by Nature cream harmful to humans?
The active ingredient in our cream is bio-identical to the progesterone found in the human body. If the cream comes in contact with your skin, simply wash off with soap and water. Though the cream is not a danger to humans, it is at the concentrated level for a horse and, therefore, should not be used by humans.
  • Can Serene by Nature be used on geldings and stallions?
Yes. The application amount is approximately 1/4 teaspoon once a day, for 25 days out of each month. Serene by Nature cream may help to restore and maintain your horse’s natural balance.
  • How long until I see results?
Many horses may show attitude improvements within the first week. Most mares show an improved mood within the first 21-day cycle. Mares who are really out of balance may take as long as three cycles to see results. Balancing the body naturally means giving it the time it needs to heal itself.
  • Are there similar products available for the ladies who ride horses?

Yes. Similar products have been available for women for over 30 years. Get yours at: To order Serene by Nature click here >> ORDER For more information about Serene By Nature, check out this article in Holistic Horse Magazine Shelly operates SereneByNature, Ticks-Off and HealthyHorseHolisticHandbook. Currently Shelly is creating a fun (and ongoing) Youtube video story of the gentling and training of her adopted feral Oak Creek Wild Horse, Justin Morgan. Be sure to check Shelly out on Facebook and please share this with all your horse loving friends and family!

Peace and Good Rides, Laura 


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