Re-Use of Old Blue Jeans


You might be wondering why I am writing about old blue jeans on an equine site and that is a good question.

I am all about providing information for ways you can achieve the ULTIMATE well-being for your horse AND our planet. Therefore, I focus on three letters of the alphabet; H, P and R.

H stands for Horse Health and Habitat. This blog will feature articles about your equine’s health and ways to improve their habitat that will help you achieve the ULTIMATE health for your horse, both physically and mentally. My first attempt at that was my post about nutrition.

P stands for Planet, People and Profit. I will research and report on ways that horse farm owners (People) can operate their horse farms in the most Profitable way possible with the least amount of impact on our Planet.

One way we can do that is by following the three Rs; Recycling, Re-using and Reducing. Recycling what we can, reusing what we can and by reducing the amount of energy we use and waste we create.

So, I have started to search (mostly on Google and Pinterest) for creative (and easy) ways to recycle things that horse owners use into new uses. I did a previous post on three common things; hay strings, pallets and supplement buckets.

Since we all ride in or wear jeans to the barn I thought I’d see what I could find and boy! this topic deserves its own post! So many fun and creative things!
Love this one!!! Love this one!!!
This would be cool in the barn (Maybe not in white) This would be cool in the barn (Maybe not in white)
Creative and Pretty Belt Creative and Pretty Belt
You can Re-Use a Bucket Too! You can Re-Use a Bucket Too!
I want to make these as gifts! I want to make these as gifts!
Who has enough of these? Who has enough of these?

These are a just a few ideas. For more chceck out this link Re-Use for Old Jeans

Peace and good rides, til we meet again


The Horse Hippie The Horse Hippie

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