Preparations for Equine Affaire and a New Brand!!

Hello Everyone! Sorry I have been so absent on this blog lately....I am finishing the article on Solar Powering Your Farm this weekend but I wanted to share with you what has been keeping me so busy! First, I am really focused on my three presentations for Equine Affaire. EA2 Since this is such a huge event and I am giving all three on the same day I feel a tad over-whelmed. It's all good though because my amazing husband is helping me create the props and even a model of an equine digestive tract!! My first presentation is "Eco-Friendly Horse Care". This is such a broad subject and there is so much I want to share. I think I might have to scale it down even more though as it's still 67 slides! My second presentation is "Do-It-Yourself for the Horse Owner". I have all kinds of nifty ideas as you know if you follow me on Pinterest. I wanted to actually make a few of them to bring with me and show some actually made. So that's where my husband comes in. He loves to build things. Here are three of the DIY saddle stands he made!

Saddle Racks

Today I'm making a leadrope from hay strings....we'll see if I'm as creative! The final presentation I'm giving is a demo of "How a Trip To Home Depot Can Help You Understand Equine Digestion". Sound familiar? Well, that's because I first blogged about this here! I am happy that the post and video were popular. Now I am creating the actual model to use at EA. Again, with help from the hubby :-) Home Depot 4 IMG_2751 The second reason I have been MIA is that I am launching a new lifestyle brand!! Horse Hippie will be a blog plus a clothing and accessory line. I'm super excited and have been working my a$$ off! Why Horse Hippie? Simple, I think it fits. I've been in love with horses my entire life (maybe even in the womb?) and I have embraced the "hippie" lifestyle since I have had a conscious choice (that's me in high school in my favorite cloud tee). New bern family To me a "hippie"believes in a sustainable, Earth-friendly lifestyle. We strive for inner peace through our relationship with Nature, animals, and through our actions. We recognize the connection we all have to each other and practice tolerance, acceptance and compassion. We love music, art and other creative expression. We want to live in harmony with the Planet and all that inhabit it. I think anyone reading this understand the importance of "Horses" in our lives. I feel like a body part is missing without a horse to fuss over. Riding and being in the barn offer me a way to live my "hippie" lifestyle; I find peace there, I practice tolerance and compassion, I am able to be with Nature and with animals. I find LOVE. Happy Horse Healthy So often in my travels people ask me "where did you get that...?" when looking at my outfit, my jewelry, and such. I get asked, "How do you stay fit? So young?" and so forth.
1409_10151697500465808_1116113178_n I'm 55 in this photo
So I started looking into how I can share these products and my lifestyle with others. Of course blogging would be a natural path for me to share my stories, my healthy living tips and my horse love. AND I was super thrilled that I was able to locate many vendors of the products I use, wear and love! 531dd7c8f4a470665ef82f6c74ad9686 Godbead_Boho_Headband_Red_Aztec_Print_Cotton IMG_0472 Now....what to call my new blog/brand? Horse Hippie came to me after a great ride followed by a meditation session. When I Googled it to see if someone was already using it I was surprised to see it actually had a definition in the Urban Dictionary. Horse Hippie I loved it! Not all of it fits me (I actually need my man...see above) but so much of it resonates with me that I thought...THAT'S IT!! and Horse Hippie was born. A place where you can Be Horsey. Be Healthy. Be Happy. "It's a lifestyle" FINAL LOGOI am not ready to actually launch the brand yet. I have been busy with logos, products, etc so it will be sometime this month. I hope you will click over and sign up for the mailing list so I can notify you when we are "live". As always, I am following my bliss....loving my life (even with all these scary risks) and trying to be the best me I can be! HH Signature, ~Laura 10604589_10152434600825808_798735153940153476_o

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