Having a HORSE as your Spirit Animal

horse-hippie-ecoequine I am drawn to horses and always have been. If you find that to be true for you too, then the horse might be your spirit animal. A horse is a very helpful spirit animal that helps facilitate spiritual awakening and growth by teaching you how to create symmetry between your desire for independence and your current responsibilities. There is a time to rest and a time to run and a lot of living in between. A horse can teach you how to enjoy the sweet apple that drops from the tree before taking on that next challenge. Having a horse as your spirit animal can mean different things to different people, and even different things at different times in your life. Look at two pictures of a horse, one wild and one tame. Which are you drawn to? happyhorsehealthyplanet-55 0893d85d0974777f4c57e0498a117d3a If it is wild it could represent vitality and freedom, not just physically but mentally and spiritually. There is no constraining the Horse when it runs with the wind. Those who identify with a wild horse enjoy a freedom of expression that is nothing short of miraculous. But a wild horse also enjoys the company of family and friends. It’s always more fun to gallop together in a setting where individuality never gets lost. That’s why the wild horse symbolism speaks to our social nature and ability to move in and out of various circles equally well. If the horse you are drawn to is in a stable or tied up, it could be a mean that something is holding you back and limiting your autonomy. It may also speak of low energy levels and the need to pay attention to how you use your physical resources. A horse can only carry so many bags before it gets weary. Figure out what you need to put down so you can lighten the load in your soul. The tamed horse also symbolizes service and trusting relationships. All horses symbolize personal power – things that we master in our lives, and our natural gifts. A horse is a creature of success and self-actualization. When you know what drives you and put that awareness to work, you can get much further and faster than you ever thought. The Horse Spirit loves to work with the winds. As an animal spirit guide, the Horse is an excellent teacher about personal energy and working with air elementals. No matter where she takes you, you will always have a sense of balance – of how to ride and not fall or fail in your duty. Horses are animals of adventure, power, friendship and family. With a Horse as your spirit animal jumping life’s hurdles comes easy to those who walk in this powerful animal’s energy. But being able to jump hurdles is only one small part of a Horse’s magic. Horses possess laser sharp focus that aids them in determining exactly how and when to jump those obstacles. If you are seeking answers to life’s questions try carrying a Horse Totem and be open to what you find. If you would like to buy a digital download of this post for .99 click here Peace and good rides, Laura
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