Cool Ways To Reuse Hay Strings, Pallets, Horseshoes & Supplement Buckets

Farm Trash Reuse

Okay, I know I am the extreme in tree-hugger mentality, I admit it, I recycle everything, even food scraps into compost. This aspect of my mission to help “save the planet” drives the people I live with crazy but even they can recognize how much trash we generate and do their best to support my cause!

Even if you are a boarder at a barn and not a horse farm owner, I am sure you have seen the mountains of trash that can be produced at a horse farm (and I’m not including the mountain of manure, that’s for another post). If you know the facts about recycling you can skip right over this part, but in case you want to know more.


Seeing this day in and day out on all the farms I visit got me thinking….What are the most creative things we can do with common farm yard trash? This led me to Pinterest (love that site!) for research (with a frenzy) and this is what I came up with:

1) Hay Strings:


I think hay strings are like coat hangers, they multiply on their own!! We all know the "on farm" re-uses of hay strings but want some more ideas? With a little creativity and the right type of baling twine just look at what you can create!

You can make a fake tail by weaving it into your horse's tail to help combat flies


You can weave it into belts, dog leashes, halters and leadropes using this macrame' technique

45c3f5689e4e4f65be731e267e7e7284 How about braiding it into a bracelet? d37760ba58b959ea0f3ecee248c8bd11This door mat for the tackroom is pretty cool cf864babd2e8352dd90e373323a9e582Check out these creative baskets! 0660381f3ee3eaf54f47fc9b64ee3fccI like to use hay string and clothespins to hang pictures

6a517d40858d67986c5abf37f2104d1f2) Pallets


Most feed stores love the idea of getting rid of these and I see alot of them in barns for hay storage (keeps it off the ground).

Now here is where people get crazy creative! You can Google to find most of these or search on Pinterest for the “how tos” in making these amazing things!

How about this awesome storage rack? You could customize it for the barn!

d24c0d4e69e7c0c4afbcadeea9e20490Or this colorful coat and hat rack?


Who can’t use a neat way to store your barn shoes?

shoes-storageOr create a quick fence by slipping a pallet over two posts

f0479d626c463a548a8d4f584f0e52c7Wouldn’t your dog or cat love this bed?

cat-bed-palletCheck out this furniture!!!! Are you kiddin' me? LOVE IT!!


3) Horse Shoes


I can’t remember the last time I spent $100+ on a pair of shoes for myself (riding boots don’t count!). But it seems like I do that every 6 weeks for my horse! That leaves a lot of extra shoes laying around.

Leave it to these artistic horse folk to come up with these ingenious ideas!

These shelf supports are pretty cool!


What a neat way to store your jewelry!


Ummmm….gotta admit…CrEaTiVe!

dc81a478c17e079a30c6e445afc2366eThese yard signs are innovative


Let’s talk about CRAFTS!!

735786d77da94e438e6fe5525f52f87b965142efd72aacce262d90ebe4f15b39167488f63b01ca6ab779769166ca7774Of course we can reuse them Around the Farm too!


I could do this all day but I’ll stop with....

4) Supplement Buckets:Tub 2

Boy do we horse owners love our supplements! I see feed rooms packed to the rafters with every kind imaginable! Unfortunately, these nutritional mainstays usually come in plastic containers. When you look at that chart above and look at the amount of time it takes plastic to break down you see we should all pay attention to this "trash". Even if you aren't creative maybe you can recycle them with your household trash? Or donate them to places that might reuse them? But if you do want to get imaginative with your left over tubs, check these out!!

How about a hen house?


Let’s get organized!!



Let’s get growing!!

planting-happiness-diy-2013-recycle-plastic-bottle-hanging-plant-potsLet's feed the birds!

imagesNeed a shelf?

552867_10151062964983849_758628848_13534980_244635360_nDon’t forget these inspired craft ideas:

1f304c53051e697377f2c57651c2d51ereusing_cat_litter_buckets_s1Oh of course we all know to use them as feed tubs (but this is my grand daughter so I had to include this!)

ChanningOh, and for those of you that use Smart Pak for your supplements a big thumbs up for being so environmentally conscious.

Check back here for future posts along these lines; ideas on horseshow ribbons, old barn clothes and other groovy ideas from the “trash”!!

Please feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear your recycling tips!!

Until we meet again…


“Saving the Planet One Horse At A Time”™

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