Composting Horse Manure

composting horse manure I thought it might be a good idea to feature each BMP (Best Management Practice) for horses and horse farms individually so that eco-minded horse owners could get this information in one place...HERE! I have already written about using Solar on horse farms and this post will give you the "ins and out" and "how-tos" for composting manure. Even if you board your horse there is a way for you to compost the manure it generates for your home garden. Composting has so many benefits to your farm and the environment. Most people understand the benefits composted manure can have to your soil when spread but did you know a well maintained composting system can reduce your pile by 50%? Reduce flies and parasite (worm) eggs as well as reduce weeds? Composting Horse Manure While researching I came across several websites that done all the hard work. So why rewrite the info if it already is out there in a really great way? Here is a link to my favorite, very thorough explanation of horse farm composting for you: If you would like to contact someone about building a composting system for your farm the best in the business is O2 Compost
If you board your horse but want to use horse manure in your own household or garden composting system, here is a terrific link to home composting basics: 5pasture_dropping_collection So there ya have it! Everything you need to know about What To Do With All That Poo! If you still need more info try contacting your local Soil & Water conservation District or Cooperative Extension Service. ~Til we meet again! Laura
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