Newton Homeopathics- Fatigue Fighter

Horse Hippie

$ 18.00 

Formulated for symptoms of mental and physical exhaustion associated with illness, stress, emotional sensitivity and low energy. 

1 fl oz bottle
Active Ingredients: Equal parts of Echinacea 6x, Gingko biloba 6x, Phytolacca decandra 6x, Aconitum napellus 15x, Adrenalinum 15x, Aralia quinquefolia 15x, Arnica montana 15x, Arsenicum album 15x, Baptisia tinctoria 15x, Bryonia 15x, Cantharis 15x, Chelidonium majus 15x, Cinchona officinalis 15x, Iodium 15x, Kali carbonicum 15x, Kali iodatum 15x, Lachesis mutus 15x, Lycopodium clavatum 15x, Lycopus virginicus 15x, Natrum muriaticum 15x, Nux vomica 15x, Phosphorus 15x, Pulsatilla 15x, Rhus toxicodendron 15x, Sabal serrulata 15x, Thyroidinum 15x. 
Liquid Inactive Ingredients: USP Purified water; USP Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic cane alcohol 20%. 
Pellet Inactive Ingredients: Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic beet-derived sucrose (lactose free) pellets. 

According to the Materia Medica the following remedies in Fatigue Fighter may be administered for the following conditions: 
Aconitum napellus: Ailments of immune system; Sudden and great sinking of strength.
Adrenalinum: Great sleepiness and drowsiness; Sleepiness from 3 to 6 p.m. 
Aralia quinquefolia: Stimulant and removes feelings of fatigue.
Arnica montana: Severe fatigue causes restlessness and sleeplessness; Overworked and exhausted.
Arsenicum album: Disturbed, anxious, restless sleep; Oversensitive; Anemia.
Baptisia tinctoria: Inability to think; Aversion to mental and bodily exhaustion.
Bryonia: Physical weakness on slightest exertion; Every spot in the body is painful to pressure.
Cantharis: Constantly attempts to do something but accomplishes nothing.
Chelidonium majus: Lethargic; Sleepiness without being able to sleep.
Cinchona officinalis: Effects of mercury poisoning; Sleeplessness; Wakens too early.
Echinacea: General weakness of limbs; Drowsy condition with yawning; Wakes often.
Ginkgo biloba: Mentally weak and exhausted; Poor concentration; Absent-minded and forgetful.
Iodium: Thyroid disorders; Great weakness during menses; Insomnia.
Kali carbonicum: "Giving-out" sensation; Awakes at about 2-4 a.m., with nearly all complaints; Debility.
Kali iodatum: Irritable; Weeping from slight cause, sadness, anxiety.
Lachesis mutus: Sleepiness yet cannot sleep; Great physical and mental tension.
Lycopodium clavatum: Influenza; Weak memory; Heaviness in arms.
Lycopus virginicus: Sleep restless, full of troublesome dreams.
Natrum muriaticum: Brain-fag; Easy exhaustion; Awakes feeling weak.
Nux vomica: Sleepless from rush of ideas; Nightmares;Sensation of sudden loss of power of arms and legs in the morning.
Phosphorus: Fainting; Sleepiness in old people; Goes to sleep late and awakes weak.
Phytolacca decandra: Influenza; Great sensitiveness; Indifferent to life.
Pulsatilla: Irresistable sleepiness in afternoon; Wakes unrefreshed.
Rhus toxicodendron: Yawning, frequent, violent, spasmodic without inclination to sleep.
Sabal serrulata: Languor, apathy indifference; Promotes nutrition and tissue building.
Thyroidinum: Thyroid disorder; Insomnia; Difficulty falling to sleep.