Response to COVID 19

We want to assure you that when you buy from Horse Hippie you are safe.  Here is our safety protocols when picking and packing your online order:

1) Each box from vendors that arrives is left on my covered front porch for 48 hours before opening.

2) I wear gloves (a fresh pair for each box) and a mask as I open them, then I wipe each item off (with a disinfecting wipe) as I remove it from the box.

3) As I remove clothing, each piece is hung on a hanger and sprayed with a toy disinfecting spray (that they use in pre-schools) and left for another 24 hours.

4) When I pull an item for an order, I washed my hands before each order, wear a mask, and again wipe or spray your item(s) before putting in a packing box.

5) I wear a new set of gloves (and my mask) to take your packages to the PO or drop off.  Off course I throw them away after.

Note: The gloves and masks I am wearing are not those that healthcare workers can wear, they are food service quality.  Still safe for my purposes but nothing they need- I checked because I would have donated them if they could use them!

Thank you for continuing to support my small business and all of the small businesses I source from!