Global Partners

Our Global partners include companies that offer products that do not exploit the people that make them. We believe that the way a product is made can have a positive impact on communities around the world. We would like to tell you the stories of some international companies that offer products that do just that.



Wakami was established with the sole mission to create income-generating opportunities that transform the lives of people in rural villages of Guatemala. Their goal and biggest dream is to empower at least 5,000 people in Guatemala, which would exponentially affect generations to come.

Horse Hippie carries the Wakami Earth bracelets that are made by people in these villages. Not only do these bracelets help the craftsmen that make them they also spread the word of universal love for the Earth and for each other. 

Shop Wakami's Earth Bracelet here.



Rice Love includes a variety of styles handmade from used jute bags. These used bags would normally go into a landfill in India compounding the problems of a weak infrastructure and high population, therefore, buying their bags helps preserve the earth's resources. These bags are made by seamstresses in India, not in a factory, therefore, buying their bags provides jobs. For every bag you buy, they give away a kilo of rice (2.2 pounds) to a family in need. This typically gives families about a month of rice, therefore, buying their bags feeds families. How many of the bags you own can say the same?

Shop Rice Love here


 More about our Global Fair Trade partners coming soon......