Not being able to ride is a bummer. If the reason is a hoof injury it's even worse. A horse's hoof presents quite a challenge to wrap. Add to that the fact that the hoof traipses through mud, manure and water and you have a real dilemma.

I saw this article in an older issue of EQUUS magazine but it is terrific! It shows you a figure-eight technique to wrapping a hoof which is the key to applying a stable, sturdy hoof bandage in minutes.

You should probably try a couple of practice wraps on a healthy hoof before you find yourself in need of knowing how.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial:

hoof 1Image: Celia Strain

1. Cover the clean and dried wound with a nonstick dressing (with or without medication). Cover the dressing with self-adhesive veterinary wrap, holding the end in place on the hoof wall with your thumb.

hoof 2Image: Celia Strain

2. Secure the edges of the first layer by winding the wrap around the coronary band and heels two or three times. Use a moderate amount of tension as you wind, taking about half the stretch out of the wrap.

hoof 3Image: Celia Strain

3. Wind the wrap in a figure eight, covering the bottom of the hoof. Bring the wrap down over one heel, around the front of the toe and then up and over the opposite heel. Continue until nearly all the wrap has been used, then make two final passes around the edge of the hoof wall. There will be a small gap in the bandage near the toe. It will allow moisture to drain.

hoof 4Image: Celia Strain

4. For added durability, cover the bearing surface of the hoof with duct tape, I like Gorilla Tape. You can also place an appropriately sized hoof boot over the entire wrap.

Peace and good rides, til we meet again,


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